Las Vegas Buffet Prices 2019

The Las Vegas Buffet

Like Vegas itself, it is always changing. It’s no longer just a minimal selection of hot dishes and cold cuts like it first began at the El Rancho in 1946, but it is also no longer $1.00 either. Las Vegas buffet prices have changed considerably. Many of the buffets epitomize what Vegas represents to most of those who visit, over the top excess, some going above and beyond what you would even imagine your buffet experience to be like. And then there are others who meet your expectations dead on. While it may not be difficult to find a dish deserving of a Michelin Star or two and even service that matches, keep in mind, you’ll probably get what you pay for.

Here you will find current Las Vegas buffet prices, hours and contact information. I firmly believe it makes for a more enjoyable dining experience with friends and family when you don’t feel like you’ve just been held up at the register.

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While You’re There

Whichever buffet you choose, please remember these two very important but often forgotten rules of thumb…There is no need to fill up two plates at the same time; this is a buffet, there will be plenty waiting for you when you’re ready to get more. And when you’re done filling your (one) plate, try to keep in mind that you’re not starving, so there is no need to eat on the way back to your table…the food will survive the journey and it will be all that much more enjoyable when you sit down at your table to eat it.